Monday, December 2, 2013

Church fun


Small town events

I chose to stay at home with my kids, and I don't plan on that changing any time soon. I do however intend on pursuing my passion of photography and writing a bit more actively. I live in a small town that until recently didn't even have a newspaper. As fate would have it, a writing gig fell into my lap and led to a few random events that I used as an opportunity to practice my photography and such! To be completely honest, the events were a bit UN-eventful but I took it as a challenge to find stories and beauty in any situation.

A new sheriff is in town!

 Our local videographers

 The beautiful wife of our editor

The president of our town board

 Town meetings are open to everyone!

These were all taken at a run of the mill board/town meeting. I tried to find smiles within what would normally be a somewhat dry evening :) 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dia de los Muertos.

This is a shoot I worked very hard at- it meant a great deal to me. The Mexican culture is a beautiful one and I wanted to show my love for it, and for those no longer with us.

A whole year.

time has come and gone. where have I been? I couldn't even tell you. I will let the photos do the talking:

Friday, November 16, 2012

On my body.

Before I had my daughter I was a daily scale weigher. Every morning before I got into the shower I stepped on that scale hoping to see the same number as the day before. If it was more my heart would drop. If it were less my heart would soar. At the time I saw nothing wrong with this. I ate very healthy, I worked out, and I indulged in my cravings- I thought I was doing everything right! This pattern stopped during my pregnancy but started up again soon after I gave birth to my daughter Sophie. When she was about 1.5 she began mimicking me. And what do you know- she started stepping onto the scale spouting off random numbers. My heart did not soar- it stopped. I was devastated. Borderline disgusted with myself. How could I not have realized that as her role model, the way I viewed my body would be most likely how she would someday view her own. I began thinking about other ways my actions and body image views may soon have an effect on her impressionable mind.
-Every time I complained to my husband or friends that I ate too much and feel fat,
She heard.
- Every time I looked in the mirror and pulled my skin tighter above my tired eyes,
She saw.
-Each time I turned around and around in a dressing room mirror with a disgusted look on my face because the jeans weren’t fitting to my desire,
She was a witness

When I packed on the make-up or read fashion magazines, when I whined about dark circles or used words like gross, ugly, too big or not good enough,
My daughter was there.

While I may have had (have) my own body issues, I decided, when I saw my perfect baby girl playing on that scale that I would choose to love my body. Just as Jesus loves me, and just as I love my daughter. I promised myself that I would demonstrate with my actions that we are all beautiful. Our bodies are all made differently and each one is uniquely extraordinary. Sophie should never (ever!) worry about those things, especially at this young age. My desire for her is that she loves herself with everything she has. The scale should just be a platform to play on, make-up should be for Halloween, and negative words shouldn’t cross my lips in front of her precious ears. I decided that I would teach her that her body is in fact a temple, to love it, protect it, and stay healthy but not to obsess.

This is how I as a mother, as a woman, learned to love my own body- through the eyes of my daughter.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Our trip away.

 It's amazing what a month of soul-searching will do for my well-being. There was a point there that I felt under water and lifeless- worried I wasn't going to be my "normal" energetic self ever again. A month later and I feel great, positive, HAPPY and motivated. I feel like I am a spokesperson for "It DOES get better!!!" Anyway, proof was on our most recent getaway to Ashland, Oregon. We drove the 7 hours, threw crazy amounts of un-healthy snacks into the back seat for Sophie, took a million photos, went to the park 3x a day and re-energized as a family. 
 I think getting to know my self as a mother-of-two has been imperitive in my health. I kept thinking I would go back to my "normal" self. Well, I'm different and this IS my norm. I'm a little more tired, a little more on edge but much more motivated to take photos, write, share, talk, pray, give, create.
 I'm more of an open-book. I love when friends come to me, sharing their stories and are now closer with me due to that communication. I've found that I'm a missionary, I want to help, to spoil, to pamper. I enjoy with everything I am to make someone else feel loved and valued. I want to share my faith and my heart- and I believe that this person I am now is who I have been trying to become.
 I want to say, if things may be hard for you- kids or not- there are ways to make it better. Can I do something? Can I listen or pray? Please let me know.
 It's an adventure, and we are all discovering what makes us tick. I am so thrilled at where I am today- but it was not always this way. I struggled and acknowledging that helped me get to this point of contentment.
And my babies. They helped as well :)